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Spa-n-a-Box - Portable Hot Tub

Spa-n-a-Box £1195

  • 4-6 person spa
  • Gallons: 300
  • Outer Diameter: 73½" / Inner Diameter: 64½"
  • Height: 27"
  • Dry Weight: 68 lbs / Filled Weight: 2,569 lbs
  • Dual thermal cover included - hard cover available
  • 1 HP motor circulates luxuriously warm 104° water
  • Digitally controlled heater
  • 127 air jets - same quality as a hard-shell spa
  • Fully-portable - assembly in under 10 minutes
  • Ideal for holidays, camping, parties, etc
  • 2" thick side panels are vacuum-sealed with polystyrene insulation to provide excellent thermal retention
  • Reinforced liner rests on a thick padded base that provides a comfortable floor
  • Padded lip liner surrounds the rim of the tub offering a cushioned arm and neck rest
  • Warranty details

Buy your Spa-n-a-Box now:

Spa-n-a-Box   £1195
Hard Cover For energy efficiency and spa cleanliness, there is no better protection than the Spa-N-A-Box Deluxe Hard Cover. The bi-fold design makes attachment and removal super easy. £270
Spare Filter 7 3/4" x 4 1/2" - One needed per Spa £22
Aquafinesse Starter Pack You just simply add the solution once a week and that's it, there is no need to balance ph and alkalinity as the solution does everything - you just enjoy your hot tub time!!

1 box contains enough to treat your Spa-n-a-Box for an average of 3 months
Aquasafe 90 Chemical free formula with cleansers to remove all contaminants from the water, eliminating unsightly scum & foam.

It also prevents scale/mineral deposits from forming throughout the Spa-n-a-Box.
Spazazz Elizir 12oz Simply add 1-2 ounces of the spa safe and oil-free Spazazz Aromatherapy Elixir to set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind. £10.99
HandiStep Maintenance free, 2 tier straight handi step in grey or redwood plastic £79.99
Deluxe Chlorine Starter Kit Everything you need to get started with your Spa-n-a-Box! £96.00
3 Way Test Strips 50 easy to use single dip test strips. Test for total alkalinity, chlorine/bromine and pH £8.00
Non-Chlorine Shock 1Kg of oxidiser which helps to destroy odours & restore water quality when used once a fortnight £11.00

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Spa-n-a-Box Set Up Instructions :: Troubleshooting


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