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Swim Spas - Endless Exercise Pools

So firstly what is a swim spa? Well imagine a hot tub extended so the jets are at one end & at the other is a counter current which is powerful enough for you to swim against, so you get an endless exercise pool with hydrotherapy massage!

With a swimspa from VitaSpa you can improve your fitness, stamina & overall health and as not everyone has the space in their garden for a full size swimming pool a swim spa is the ideal solution and obviously it is a lot easier to install than a pool as the plumbing is contained within the shell and no external pumps or filters are required. The swim spa also gives you a dual seat hot tub which can be used while someone is swimming so you can involve the whole family and it's great for experienced swimmers and beginners alike!

The VitaSpa xStream Pro has one of the largest swimming areas and has been designed by professional swimmers with groundbreaking horizontal & vertical stabilisation in the water stream so that your swimming is more constant, keeping you in the centre of the water stream and enabling a great workout.

The counter current comes via the Badu Jet System, which is standard as opposed to being an additional option on many other makes/brands of swim spas, are powered by a full 4 hp motor producing up to 400 gallons of water per minute, ideal for swimmers of all levels with an adjustable nozzle allowing the water stream to be adjusted according to your individual swimming preferences - ideal for kids learning to swim as well as profressional athletes.

  • Swim Spa16.5' x 7.5' x 54" inches
  • 7381 Litres
  • 4hp Speck Pump with two Badu Swim jets producing over 400 Gallons per minute
  • 3hp therapy pump with 15 hydromassage jets
  • 1hp circulation pump
  • 4.5kw heater
  • xStream Pro Duo = dual temperature controls
  • xStream Pro £15995
  • XStream Pro Duo £16995
  • Click image of swim spa for enlargement

If you are interested in purchasing a swim spa please contact us for more details.

Download the xStream Pro Duo PDF


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