Spa Installation/Commissioning

Installation service

If you would like us to do it all for you then its dead simple. A couple of professional hot tub installers will deliver and manoeuvre your hot tub into position, fill the hot tub up with water connect the power supply and sanitize your spa. They will then explain how the hot tub works and go through all the chemicalisation. This service only applies if you do not require a crane or hi ab and have good access down the side of your house. Fence panels can be removed to gain access, though this is the responsibility of the owner. It really is very rare you need to use a crane or hi ab but if you are unsure then contact us before delivery.

Zone installation pricing

  • Zone 1 – £275.00
  • Zone 2 – £300.00
  • Zone 3 – £475.00
  • Zone 4 – £575.00
  • Zone 5 – £675.00
  • Zone 6 – £775.00

Any zone not covered please ring for quote.

Electrical requirements

Depending on the hot tub ordered you will either require a 13amp or a 32 amp supply. For a 13 amp supply ie standard house hold plug supply, you will need a ip 55 or above switchable socket. For a 32 amp supply you  will need a cable from the hot tub wired directly into a 32 amp ip55 or above switchable junction box. All electrical supplies most be rcd protected and installed by a qualified electrician. The Hot Tub Shop will wire directly into the junction box or plug socket. For more advise on electrical requirement then please call.