Power Pops

A new and exciting weight loss product!

PowerPops natural diet supplements

Power Pops are a lollipop which have proved extremely popular in the US. They help to suppress appetite and provide a “burst” of energy. Their main active ingredients are Hoodia, which originates from South Africa, it is a forms of cactus that suppresses appetite, Hoodia is available in many forms, but by sucking the lollipop it gets into the system much quicker. Powerpops are the only such product available today.

We have decided to bring the product to the UK due to the sheer demand as people have been prepared to pay high shipping charges just to be able to try this new diet.


Power Pops

Bag of 30 lollipops in assorted flavours:

  • Cherry
  • Mountain Berry
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Orange