Swimming Pool Covers

Summer or Winter – get it covered!

When purchasing a cover for the first time there are various specifications and differences in the market place. All the types of swimming pool covers are essential for your swimming pool, because each of the types have different qualities and performances.

Solar Covers

The effects from a solar cover are designed to allow sunrays to pass through the cover and this in turn heats the pool water, it also cuts down the level of condensation. The covers are designed for both outdoors and indoor swimming pools. 

There are different colours and ‘micron’ thickness grades, these add value to the amount of heat retention and energy that the cover will provide. For all outdoor pools we recommend that all solar covers should be removed during the winter months.

Heat Retention Covers

Heat retention covers are designed to retain the heat in a pool. The covers are manufactured from a closed cell foam with a woven top and underside for added strength. The applications where this cover are better used is in Schools, Hotels, Hydrotherapy and the private sector, where the energy is a big part of the running costs. Due to the various thicknesses of the material, no solar gain can be gained from this cover. The floating covers are an essential part of either a new build construction or a refurbishment.


The manual reel systems are used to assist the operation of placing and removal of the floating swimming pool cover. The stainless steel ends can either be on floor mounted, wall mounted or for pools which are above the ground in height, pole mounted. By using the manual reel system this also prolongs the life of your floating pool cover.

Winter Debris Covers

Designed for outdoor pools only, these covers are manufactured from a woven polythene material which come in black or green. Winter covers will allow rain water to pass through and leaves the garden debris on the top surface of the cover. All covers come complete with stainless steel springs to fix into the pool surround. Winter covers are manufactured larger than your internal pool sizes. All four corners of the underside of the covers comes complete with reinforced corner pads, at each strap position these are reinforced with heavy duty webbing. All winter covers come with a free duffle bag for storage during the summer.