Spa-n-a-Box Troubleshooting

Just in case you have any problems with your spa please use the following guide:

No Heat

  1. With GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) plugged into wall outlet, is topside LED displaying any Temperature Number?  If NO, go to GFCI problems. If Yes go to next step.
  2. Place your hand in front of lower water return inlet inside tub to see if there is good water flow. Do you feel good water flow? If NO, Go to Low/No water flow, pump rattling section. If Yes, Go to next step.
  3. Place index finger over lower water return inlet hole and stop flow. Hold for 15 seconds, then pull finger back approx 1/2″ and see if you feel a quick short pulse of warm water. If Yes, spa is now heating. This may have reset a pressure switch, but this usually indicates a dirty filter/ low flow condition. If No, go to next step.
  4. Some Power Pack units have a high limit reset button located under the pack about 2 inches inward from right leg. After unplugging power pack. Push this button. If you feel a click,plug power pack into outlet, reset desired water temperature and repeat step 3. If you feel a pulse of warm water, spa is heating. If NO, go to next step.
  5. If all above fails to create a short pulse of warm water after stopping flow with finger, there may be a problem with heater element, pressure switch, high limit switch or electronic control. The power pack may need to be sent to service centre for repairs. General Notes: Most no heat issues are almost always the result of a dirty filter/low flow,  a tripped high limit button under pack, or the pump/filter tank was not properly bled of air, resulting in a rattling pump noise and the pump not flowing ANY water. Remember if the pump is not flowing a good stream of water the spa WILL NOT HEAT!!

No Power

  1. Make sure GFCI is plugged into a properly grounded 3 pin wall receptacle, NO EXTENSION CORDS!! Is there power to Power Pack / Does LED temp display show any temperature? If NO, plug lamp or hair dryer into outlet to see if there is power to outlet. If no power, call an electrician or check breaker. If the temperature display shows temp. go to next step.
  2. Does GFCI trip / shut off after a couple of seconds when 1st plugged in or reset in heat / circulation mode? If YES, GFCI may be working properly and sensing a short to ground in heater circuit, heater element or electric terminal in Power Pack has become wet. DO NOT USE! Power Pack should be sent to Service Centre for inspection / repair. If NO, go to next step.
  3. Does GFCI trip / shut off when Blower / Turbo button is pressed? If Yes, Blower may have become wet. Remove Blower Loop and look down left hand pipe. If water is standing in the bottom of left hand pipe when Power Pack is attached to spa full of water, Unplug and do not use spa. Air check valve has failed and needs to be replaced, send to service centre for repair. If no water is present in left hand pipe, unplug unit, place hair dryer or shop vac in right hand pipe hole and run for 10 minutes. This will dry Blower motor if is has moisture on it. After 10 minutes, plug Power Pack into wall outlet and press Blower / Turbo button. If Blower runs, let it run for it’s 15 – 20 minute cycle. This will help continue to dry it out. Replace Blower Loop.
  4. Test GFCI before each use. Press test, It should trip if plugged into a properly grounded outlet. Press Reset to reset it. If it does not trip or reset, DO NOT USE SPA. It is either plugged into an ungrounded outlet, It is doing it’s job and sensing a short to ground, or may be defective and needs to be replaced. Power Pack should be sent to service centre for repair

WARNING!!! The GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a safety device. This will prevent SHOCK or ELECTROCUTION, but will only offer protection when plugged into a “PROPERLY GROUNDED 3 PIN WALL RECEPTACLE!!! If the GFCI is plugged into an Ungrounded Outlet, or extension cord, THERE IS NO SHOCK PROTECTION!!! IF IN DOUBT, HAVE A QUALIFIED LISCENED ELECTRICIAN VERIFY WALL OUTLET / RECEPTACLE IS PROPERLY GROUNDED!!! DO NOT BYPASS GFCI WITH STANDARD PLUG!!!

Turbo / Air Blower Problems

  1. Does Turbo / Air Blower turn on. If NO, check unit plugged in / Temperature display illuminated. If Air Blower does not turn on, Go to GFCI trouble shooting section. If Blower turns on go to next step.
  2. If Blower turns on for a second, then trips GFCI, go to GFCI troubles shooting section. Blower may be wet.
  3. If Blower turns on, but does not blow air all the way around the bubble ring in spa, or shuts off by itself after a minute or two, check union boring tape has been removed during initial installation. Two pieces of crisscrossed tape are placed over the lower union connection from the factory. This is used to keep the union o-ring in place and falling out during shipping. If BOTH pieces are not removed, the air check valve will not be allowed to fully open. Result will be little or no air flow into the bubble ring in spa, and blower overheating. Remove tape and allow blower to cool for 1 hour & retry. Be careful to keep union o-ring in it’s groove or spa will leak at that connection.
  4. If it is verified blower motor is dry in GFCI troubleshooting, and GFCI trips when Turbo/ Air Blower button is pushed, Blower motor may need to be replaced. Send Power Pack to service centre for repair.
  5. If Blower runs and above steps have been checked, with spa drained, disconnect Blower Union nut from Powerpack and pull pack away from spa a few inches. Turn blower on and see if air flows from check valve fitting ( Large lower connection on Power Pack. A 1/4″ round peg should pop out of centre of check valve and you should feel air flow when you put you hand in front of fitting. If not, check valve could be stuck in closed position, or check valve spring rusted shut. Replace check valve or send Power Pack into service centre for repair.

Water LeaksĀ 

  1. Power Pack to Spa Connections: Make sure the rubber garden hose o-rings are seated in the female hose connections. Make sure are not cross-threaded and hand tight only. Pliers will crack threaded fittings.
  2. Large Blower Pipe Union Connection (Power Pack to Spa Connection). Make sure two pieces of tape were removed during assembly. Make sure union o-ring is seated in groove of female side of union nut. It needs to be fully seated in the race. Make sure o-ring is not pinched. Tighten union nut until snug. Hand tighten only.
  3. If Power Pack is leaking from underneath unit, The Power Pack needs to be opened up to determine cause of leak. It is best to send Power Pack to service centre for this, but it could be as simple as a loose clamp or leaky pipe fitting.
  4. If the spa is leaking from the spa itself, try to determine the location and by visually inspecting the spa with water removed to determine source. Many times a small cut or puncture can be repaired using supplied patch kit or any waterbed patch kit.
  5. Filter lid leaks when unit unplugged or off. Remove filter lid and check or replace filter lid gasket, make sure lid is tight and NOT cross-threaded.

Lo / No water flow, Circulating Pump Rattles

  1. 1. Make sure 3 fitting caps have been removed from inside spa suction & return flow fittings. These are only used when cleaning filter, to keep water from overflowing filter tank when lid is removed.
  2. Bleed air from filter tank. To do this make sure Power Pack is Unplugged from outlet. Open air valve on top of filter tank until water spews from valve. Close air valve, plug GFCI back into outlet. Verify there is good water flow by placing hand in front of lower water return inlet and feeling good water flow.
  3. Clean or replace filter cartridge. As the filter begins to get dirty, the flow of water slows down as the pump has a difficult time drawing the water through the dirt impregnated filter. This is the most common cause of a spa not heating. The spa can not heat without good water flow. See filter cleaning section.
  4. Pump impeller clogged with debris. With Power Pack unplugged, place caps over fittings in tub. Remove filter and drain filter tank. Look down in the centre hole on the bottom of the filter tank and you will see the paddle wheel impeller from the pump. This is a magnetic drive circulating pump and it does not take much of a debris clog to keep it from spinning. Take a long, thin screw driver and place in the hole and try to turn it a few times. Remove screw driver and plug power pack in for a few seconds. If it spins freely on it’s own, it should now pump water. Unplug unit, bleed air, plug back into wall receptacle and verify water flow with hand.

Filter Cleaning Procedures

  1. Unplug GFCI plug from wall outlet / receptacle
  2. Place 3 caps over two suction and one water return fittings in spa.
  3. Turn filter lid retaining lock lid counter clock wise and remove, remove filter lid, lift out and remove filter cartridge.
  4. With high pressure garden hose nozzle, spray at a 45 degree downward direction in between each pleat all the way around filter. For best results soak in a spa filter cleaner (available at most pool, spa, or hardware / home stores). Just rinsing in the sink will NOT do the job. Let dry before replacing.
  5. Place filter back into filter tank. Make sure rubber o-ring is seated in place around perimeter of filter housing top groove.
  6. Place filter lid on tank, thread on filter lid retaining lock clockwise until snug. Hand tight only. Do not cross – thread.
  7. Remove 3 caps from inside spa suction & return fittings.
  8. Open air bleeder valve counter-clockwise until water spews out, then close clock-wise.
  9. Plug GFCI back into wall outlet. Verify there is good water flow by placing hand in front of water returns inlet (lower fitting on spa wall). If good flow detected, set thermostat to desired temperature and replace cover.

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