Aquasafe 90

How Does Aquasafe Work?

AquaSafe 90 uses 14 natural seaweed enzymes to treat your spa water and keep it clean, fresh and sparkling bright for 90 days – without the use of toxic chemicals.

AquaSafe 90 is an exciting advancement in water treatment. Years of research, development, and testing by independent laboratories has produced AquaSafe 90, a unique and powerful formula of seaweed enzymes, specifically designed to keep your spa clean and healthy.

Enzymes are used by cutting edge biochemists in the war against disease because they are so specific in what they attack. An enzyme can be absolutely deadly to some life forms and be completely safe, even beneficial, to others. The seaweed enzyme formula in AquaSafe 90 breaks down bacteria and viruses, dissolving them away, keeping your spa clean and clear for 90 days.

AquaSafe 90 is non-toxic, easy to use, and economical. No more testing your hot tub everyday to make sure the chlorine and bromine levels are right. AquaSafe 90 won’t cause the rashes, itching, burning red eyes, and dry skin that chlorine and bromine do. With AquaSafe 90 there is no nasty chemical odour. You won’t feel the need to take a shower after you get out of your spa, your skin will be soft and silky smooth after each use.

AquaSafe 90 attracts oils and other contaminants, then dissolves them away, eliminating them without the use of harsh chemicals. AquaSafe 90 contains lanolin which softens your spa water keeping minerals up along the water line, thus eliminating the spa equivalent of ‘bath tub ring’. Your spa water will be safer for you and feel better too!


Step One:

Penetrating Spa Cleanser

  • Remove your cartridge filter for the duration of the cleanser process. We also recommend you clean or replace your filter at this time.
  • Pour one bottle of the Aquasafe 90 Spa Cleanser into the old water. If the spa is 3-4 years old or more, use two bottles.
  • Let the spa circulate with the water temperature between 35-37ºC for a minimum of 8 hours per day, for 5 days.
  • After 5 days, drain the old water from the Spa – when the water level reaches the footwell use a hosepipe and add fresh water whilst still draining. This will flush the water from the lower pipework, do this for 10 minutes, clean and refill Spa.
  • Clean both sides of the cover with some of the AquaSafe 90 and rinse thoroughly. If the cover has any breaks or tears, we recommend it be replaced.

If your spa cover has a zip closure it is important to unzip the cover (DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER – IT’S DIFFICULT TO PUT BACK ON), and flush the inside with your garden hose. The inside has been known to harbour moulds, mildew and bacteria – all of which drip from condensation through the cover back into the hot tub water.

Step Two:
AquaSafe 90

  1. Add a one litre bottle of AquaSafe 90 to spas of 1200 – 2250 litres. If your spa is less than 1200 litres add 750ml.
  2. After the water has reached the desired temperature (35-37ºc), check the pH level to ensure it is in the range of 8.0 to 8.4. You initially may need to check your pH levels on a weekly basis, although the AquaSafe 90 should maintain the level automatically.
  3. Rinse your filter every week or more frequently – based on bather usage. Use a jet attachment on the hose pipe to rinse thoroughly. Soak the filter in a filter cleanser overnight every 4 to 6 weeks, rinse with water and allow to dry before replacing.
  4. Drain and refill your spa and add AquaSafe 90 every three months. Don’t forget to use the Reminder Card attached.
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