Ozone Water Purification System

Most spas and hot tubs come with an Ozone Generator fitted.

This state of the art purification system makes spa water sparkling clean and clear as Prozone purifies spa water, making it sparkle and reduces the need for chemicals whilst aiding the normal operation of the pool and hot tub chemicals.

Ozone, the most powerful oxidiser in nature, is the natural water purifier of the century. Prozone is the simplest, most effective ozone system on the market today. This system greatly reduces the need for sanitiser and water balance chemicals, saving maintenance, time and money and prolonging equipment life.

It produces crystal clear water that smells fresh, feels softer and is more refreshing although a separate sanitiser must be used in addition to the prozone unit.

Ozone is generated when a molecule of oxygen is illuminated by high energy ultraviolet light. Ozone is formed when three atoms of oxygen are bound together instead of the normal two, the extra oxygen atom makes ozone a highly energetic oxidiser.

Oxidation ~ ozone destroys algae, viruses and bacteria on contact, with no harmful by-products. Ozone oxidises combined chlorine and bromine, freeing them to be continuously reused, therefore the use and cost of chemicals is reduced.

Precipitation ~ it breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocculent, causing total dissolved solids to be precipitated and easily removed by the water filtration process.

Sanitisation ~ ozone is the most powerful non-selective sanitiser which produces no harmful by-products.

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