Aquasafe 90

Hot tub water control – made simple!

Benefits of using Aquasafe in your hot tub or spa:

  • Chemical FREE – Maintenance FREE
  • 100% bio-based, all natural Seaweed Enzymes
  • FREE from Chlorine/Bromine toxicity – completely bio-degradable & non-toxic to the environment
  • FREE from itching, rashes, dry skin & burning eyes
  • FREE from daily maintenance and testing – NO more test kits!
  • FREE from chemical smells
  • Save water, don’t waste a valuable asset – Drain your spa water directly onto your lawn or garden!


Aquasafe 90 Water Care Pack

Uses 14 natural seaweed enzymes to treat your spa water and keep it clean, fresh and sparkling bright for 90 days

Each pack contains:
  • 1 bottle of Aquasafe 90
  • Filter flow oxidising tablets
  • Bacteria test strips
  • Ph test strips

Easy to use – just pour into the spa


Aquasafe 90 Spa Cleanser

Naturally clean away any contaminants and residues already present, deep within a spa’s plumbing and fittings


Eliminates scale and corrosion
Non – toxic to the environment
Prevents mineral build-up
Prolongs equipment life