Spa Care Maintenance Routine

This is our recommended routine for hot tubs using traditional chemicals such as chlorine or bromine


  • Check sanitiser level & dose as required
  • Check pH level & dose as required
  • Clean water line with Waterline Cleaning Paste


  • Oxidise spa with Non Chlorine Shock
  • Add Spa Sparkle to help obtain beautifully sparkling water
  • Add No Foam to control foaming
  • If in area of high calcium hardness add No Scale to prevent scale deposits


  • Clean filter cartridge using Cartridge Cleaner
  • Take water sample to check water balance


Due to the build up of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) the spa will need completely draining & refilling. There are no hard and fast rules as to when this should be done but the following formulation seems to work well in practice.

Spa litres divided by daily bathers divided by 12 = days between draining & refilling
Example : 1200 litres divided by 2 divided by 12 = 50 days.