Sanitising & Oxidising

Chlorine & Bromine


The sanitising of your hot tubs water is necessary to kill bacteria and help in the prevention of algae growth. The level should be checked regularly using Test Strips and can be in the form of Chlorine or Bromine.


This is an effective hot water sanitiser and ideally suited to spas over a wide pH range and has little odour. It comes in tablet form making it easy to apply and avoids having to dose everyday. The ideal Bromine level is between 3 – 6mg/l.


Chlorine is available in granule form which are rapid dissolving & therefore a good sanitiser. It has little effect on the pH levels and the ideal Chlorine level is between 3 – 5mg/l.


It is necessary to oxidise your spa weekly using Non Chlor Shock as it destroys odours and wastes such as perspiration, cosmetics & body oils. It will also restore sparkle and increases bather comfort.

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