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We have a complete range of chemicals available for your spa, please read our Water Care Guide for further details on maintaining your hot tub.

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Bromine Tablets Bromine Tablets - For use with floating dispensers, the tablets provide an easy way to maintain bromine levels 20g £22.80

Directions for Use:
1. These tablets are designed for use with a Bromine feeder.
2. When feeder device requires refilling with tablets always follow manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Ensure tablets used in the feeder are of the same chemical (Bromo-chloro-dimethyl Hydantoin). If other materials have been used previously, wash out the feeder thoroughly before adding tablets. Use only feeders designed for bromine.
4. Adjust feeder to ensure a constant bromine residual is present in the pool or spa
5. Check bromine levels regularly with a Test Kit and maintain a bromine residual of 3-4mg/l (ppm) for domestic pools/spas. 4-6 for commercial pools/spas.
6. Check pH value regularly with a Test Kit and maintain a level of 7.2 - 7.6.

5kg £59.99
400g £7.70
Chlorine Granules Stabilised Chlorine Granules - Completely soluble and rapidly dissolving – a good sanitizer choice 1kg £12.00

Directions for use:
1. Chlorine levels of pools and spas should be maintained from 1–3 mg/L and the pH from 7.2 – 7.6.
2. To raise the level of free chlorine by 1 part per million or 1mg/L for every 10000 litres of water add 12.5g of Stabilised 3.Chlorine granules. Dissolve the granules in a container and add by dosing into the skimmer or via a pump.

2kg £16.95
5kg £29.99
10kg £55.00
  Small Chlorine Tablets - For use with floating dispensers, they provide an easy way to maintain chlorine levels 5kg £40.00
Non Chlorine Shock Non-Chlorine Shock - Helps destroy odours and restores water quality when used once a fortnight 1kg £15.50
  5kg £56.00
Water Balance      
pH Minus PH Minus - If the PH is above 7.6 then use PH Minus to decrease it 1.5kg £6.00

Directions for use:
1. If the reading is above 7.6 add this product at a rate of 200gms per 25 cubic meters (14oz per 10,000 gallons) Pool water.
2. For Spas add at a rate of 10 gms per 1000ltr. (½ ounce per 300 gallons)
3. When adjusting the pH of your pool make sure that the pool circulation system is running.
4.Pre-dissolve the product in a clean plastic bucket of pool water and distribute evenly over the Pool water surface (dilute the product at a rate of 100gm per 5ltr bucket)
5.Re-test your water after 1 hour and repeat dose if required.

7kg £25.00
pH Plus PH Plus - If the PH is below 7.2 use PH Plus to increase it 1kg £5.00

Directions For Use:
1. Acid/alkaline conditions are measured on the ‘pH’ scale which ranges from 0 to 14.
2. Ideal bathing conditions exist at a slightly alkaline level of 7.2 to 7.6 with total alkalinity of 80/120mg/l (ppm). This range will also allow most effective use of other swimming pool chemicals.
3. Use a Test Kit to establish the pH value of the pool water.
4. If the reading is below 7.2, add this product at the rate of 500gm (18oz) per 45m3 (10,000 gallons) of pool water. For spas add at a rate of 25gm per 2.27m3 (500 gls).
5. Always pre-dissolve the product in warm water following the instructions below.
6. Continue filtration and re-test after approximately 24 hours.
7. If necessary, repeat treatment until a reading of between 7.2 and 7.6 is obtained.
8. The inability to maintain pH levels may indicate a water imbalance. In such cases consult your pool specialist.

5kg £20.00
  TA Plus - Water conditions are ideal when Total Alkalinity is in the range of 80 to 120 mg/l 5kg £12.95
Water Testing      
Water Test Strips 3 Way Test Strips - Easy to use single dip test strips, test for total alkalinity, chlorine/bromine and PH 50 £9.99
Filter & Cartridge Cleaner Filter & Cartridge Cleaner - Helps maintain a clear & healthy filtration system 1ltr £14.95

Directions for use:
Remove the cartridge from the unit and flush soiling from the filter body and cartridge.
Soak Overnight the cartridge in a 5% solution of Filter Cartridge Cleaner.
Rinse thoroughly and allow the filter cartridges to dry.
Brush out any remaining soiling with a soft brush, reassemble the filter and return to service

Spa Clarifier Spa Clarifier - Clears fine particles into the filter, clarifying the spa water 1ltr £14.50

Directions for use:
Use a test kit and correct sanitizer, pH and total alkalinity levels.
Clean the filter cartridges with Filter Cartridge Cleaner.
Add spa Clarifier at the rate of 330ml per 1000 litres.
This should be repeated whenever necessary

Spa No Foam Spa No Foam - Will eliminate unwanted foam from spa water surface, caused by cosmetics, soaps and oils 1ltr £14.50

Directions for Use:
After changing your water add 110ml per 1000 litres (220 gallons) of water directly into the spa.
Ensure the pump is running to circulate the water.

  Stain & Scale Inhibitor - For use in hard water areas to protect the equipment from scaling 1ltr £14.50

Directions for Use:
For spas/hot tubs add one capful of Stain & Scale Inhibitor into the water.
Do not add via the filter inlet.

Le Bloc Le Bloc - clarifies water & aids in the removal of oils from your spa, lasts 6-8 weeks 1 £8.50

Tear off the front and back label and drop dispenser into the skimmer basket or filter compartment of your hot tub

Spa Energise Spa Energize - Eliminates water contaminants and restores water clarity without shock-chlorination. Ideal for refreshing tired water after regular or prolonged usage 30g sachet £2.00
Pool Chemicals/Cleaners      
Tile & Liner Cleaner Tile & Liner Cleaner 2ltr £14.50

Directions for use:
Apply to affected area and work in using a soft brush cloth.
Leave for 5 to 15 minutes to allow for penetration.
Remove with a sponge before rinsing off thoroughly with fresh cold water.

Summerlong Algaecide Relax Summerlong - A slow release algaecide – on single 2ltr dose is sufficient to control algae for between 3-6 weeks 2ltr £20.00
Concentrated Blue Algaecide Concentrated Blue Algaecide - highly effective, long life algaecide. It is formulated to deter algae from forming in a swimming pool ½ltr £12.00

Directions for use:
Maintain ph levels within the ideal range 7.2-7.6. If the level is not in this range, adjust.
If algae are visible, brush thoroughly with a pool brush.
Check the chlorine level and ensure it is established within the ideal range 1-3mg/l (ppm).
If algae destruction is required, shock dose the pool to a minimum chlorine level of 5mg/l (ppm)
Gradually pour the solution into the pool, whilst the pump(s) are turned “on” preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution.
After the initial does this product should be applied one a week to prevent algae formation.
Dosing: For every 1000 gallons the initial dose is 33ml with a weekly dose of 8ml.



Aquafinesse Treatment / Aquasafe Watercare


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