Hot Tub Speciality Products

Other products that also help keep your spa clean, clear and enhance your bathing pleasure.

Ensuring Water Clarity

Discolouration or cloudiness of the water is often caused by minute particles suspended in the spa water which are too small doe the filtration system to remove. Soaps, cosmetics, body oils and greases can all cause dull, cloudy water. Encourage spa users to shower before getting into the spa to minimise these problems. Spa Sparkle used once a week will assist in the removal of suspended matter via the filtration system thus restoring and maintaining the water clarity.

Control of Foam

The rapid circulation & aeration of hot tub water can cause unsightly foam to appear on the waters surface especially when oils and lotions are within the water. No Foam used regularly will prevent and control excess foaming. If excessive foaming is a continuous problem drain the spa and refill with fresh water.

Cleaning your Spa

At water line level, grease and debris can accumulate creating an unattractive ‘tide mark’ and providing an ideal breeding ground for bacteria & algae. These can be easily removed and prevented by using Waterline Cleaning Paste daily or when the spa is in regular use. Waterline Cleaning Paste should also be used to clean all spa surfaces every time the spa is emptied prior to refilling.

Cleaning the Filter Cartridge

When the filter cartridge is dirty the circulation in the spa may be reduced and water cleanliness will be affected. To avoid interference in the optimum working of the filter, the cartridge should be cleaned at monthly intervals, or more regularly after heavy usage. Cartridge Cleaner makes cleaning the filter cartridge easy and readily restores the filtration system to full efficiency.


Normal bath fragrances will only create a foam on the water surface so use specific spa fragrances that are hot tub water compatible and adds a touch of luxury and enhanced aesthetic benefit.

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